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Andi Theokle. Artist.

Hi, I`m Androulla Theokle or simply Andi, and I am an international fine artist based in London, Wiltshire and Europe. 

I am of Greek Cypriot origin and I have work in private and public collections in Paris, New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, Toronto and Belgrade.

I have showcased my work throughout the UK and abroad at galleries and shows.

I am an international award winning interior designer who worked in the design industry for 22 years based out of London where I worked with blue chip clients and high profile personalities to create iconic interiors for offices and hospitality alike. Along side my design career I have been an artist for 30 years and feel very blessed to be focusing purely on my art now.

My work is diverse in style and subject matter as I enjoy pushing myself with each collection, discovering something new and developing constantly throughout my collections.  This encompasses my ink work, applied in a variety of ways all the way through to my acrylic and oil paintings.  My focus is on nature , architecture and the human form.

I draw inspiration from my travels around the world and continue to explore in order to evoke emotions in the viewer, you. 

Art is of course nothing without an opinion, a feeling or a reaction.

I look forward to hearing yours.

Thank you,

Andi x

Andi Theokle Artist Portrait

See Some Process Work Below

Read more about Andi in the below Contemporary Art Keen Enthusiast interview by Antoinette Hasselhorst.

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