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Andi Theokle. Artist.

HI , I'm Andi, (Androulla officially :) and I am an international fine artist based in London, Wiltshire and Europe. 

I am a north London Cypriot, equally proud of London and my heritage and equally love where I live now, in beautiful Wiltshire.  I exhibit all around the UK and Europe annually and have work in private and public collections in Paris, New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, Toronto and Belgrade

OK, that's the formal bit out of the way......... now why do I do what I do?

I have loved art since the age of 5 when I decided that was all I wanted to do. (honestly! I'm really not making that up:) I have always been a lover of colour, form and nature and that has been a common thread throughout my work. I enjoyed a career in interior architecture for 20+ years while practising as an artist until 4 years ago when I decided to solely focus on art.

My abstract collections that are inspired by water and the sky are created to invoke calm on the viewer and to allow the viewer to get lost in the piece, never tiring of seeing new things within it. My nudes and teddies are focused on the naughty and playful characteristics of people as well as celebrating the beauty of the human form while equally challenging the taboos surrounding sexuality.

I predominantly work with inks and mixed media in my work and prefer to work on a large scale. I believe art can transform your life as well as your interior and therefore my work focus' on the emotion that art provokes in the viewer.

I believe art should an evoke a feeling, emotion or reaction but ultimately art should give joy. what do you think?

Andi Theokle Artist Portrait

See Some Process Work Below

Read more about Andi in the below Contemporary Art Keen Enthusiast interview by Antoinette Hasselhorst.

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